Frequently Asked Questions

  •   What is Seatmate?  
      Seatmate is a map based social platform application that  allows users to create and join chat hotspots based on their location.  Anyone within 1km of a chat hotspot can join the conversation and share  information and photos.  
  •    Why is it restricted to 1km?  
      Seatmate is an application that allows people who are  physically around to interact based on their location. Therefore,  bringing people together who share similar interests and/or share  information about the place they are located at at the time.    
  •  How do I create a chat hotspot?  
      On the map page, tap the (+) sign, name the chat hotspot,  enter a brief description, select a category icon. If the icon on the  map represents you actual location, tap Begin “Chatting”. If you’re  location is not accurate enough, tap the map preview below the category  icons and drag the map until your location is accurate and tap “Begin  Chatting”. You will be automatically joining the chat hotspot.    
  •  Can I leave a chat hotspot?  
      Yes. On the chat hotspot page, tap the (i) icon on the upper right corner and choose “Leave Hotspot”.     
  • How do I join a chat hotspot?  
      Simply tap on any chat hotspot on the map, you will find a  bar on the bottom of the page, tap it for more information and from  there you can join the chat hotspot.     
  •  Can I talk to a member of a chat hotspot privately?  
      Yes you can. After joining a chat hotspot, tap the (i)  icon to see members in the chat hotspot, after that you can tap a member  to send him or her a request to exchange messages privately.     
  • Can I remove someone from my private connections?  
      Yes you can. Simply tap the name of the person while on  the private chat page and an option to remove the connection appears.  Please be aware that once you remove the connection, you wont be able to  re-establish communication with that person unless you find them in a  hotspot.  
  • Can other users see my profile?  
      No. Your profile information is hidden from other users except your profile picture and name.   
  •   Can I change my profile information?  
      You can always access your profile page through map page, tap the menu icon on the upper left corner and edit your profile.  
  •  I forgot my password, how do I reset it?  
      Tap the “forgot password” on the Sign In page and follow the instructions.  
  •   Can I mute notifications?  
      Yes. On the map page, tap the menu icon on the upper left  corner, go to “Notification”, tap the settings wheel on the upper right  corner.   
  •   Do you have an issue with the app?  
      You can reach us at support@seatmateapp.com and we will gladly reply with help.